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Siem Reap Rental, your local Professionals

35 Years

Combined Experience in Global Property, Real Estate & Business Brokerage.

15 Years

Experience in Thailand and Cambodia Property, Real Estate & Business Brokerage

8 Years

 C.I.P.S. Global Realtor Professional Certification.

We are Siem Reap’s First Choice for Real Estate & Business

Siem Reap Rental is a leader in the Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia residential and commercial property, real estate and business brokerage business. We specialize in land, apartments, condominiums, flats, villas, homes, hotels, guesthouses & restaurants; we’re known as the firm with experienced and professional team members you can trust.

With a passion for innovative service and up-to-date knowledge of the market, we are rapidly becoming the first choice for land, properties, real estate and business investment services in Cambodia and Thailand. In 2008, our director was awarded the C.I.P.S. designation & Global Realtor.

Our clients come to us for Honesty and Integrity

Property dealings in foreign jurisdictions can be fraught with dangers and pitfalls. So, whether you want to buy, sell, rent or invest in land, property, real estate or businesses in Cambodia or Thailand, you will need the assistance and advice of professionals.

Even before a contract is signed, many variables can impact the negotiation and rental or purchasing process.

Our professional team of expatriates, Khmers and Thais, has more than 35 years of property, real estate & business brokerage experience (15 gained in Cambodia and Thailand).

We have developed a reputation for honesty and integrity, and maintains the highest standard of professional ethics in all our client services.

Our Team




A resident of Southeast Asia for over 16 years, Charles was recruited to Bangkok on a 3-year Global Contract with Esso International, where he spent 15+ years as a Global Communications-Publications and Retail Franchise Marketing Consultant. A former ad agency executive, Charles also owned a chain of gourmet food shops in New York City, and was a partner in a printing and design business. He began his real estate brokerage career with Merrill Lynch in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1981.

Charles is the founder and former owner of Evans Marketing Business Brokers in Jomtien, Thailand, as well as president and co-owner of Sathienpaphong-Evans Law and Accounting, also in Thailand. He is currently a Director at Siem Reap Rental ASIA, Cambodia Business Investment and Cambodia Insight.



Dave, a former Naval Flight Officer with the U.S. Navy, graduated from Jacksonville University. He has spent time in Antarctica navigating aircraft with the Navy, owned several small businesses, and even enjoyed a brief stint in his youth as an alligator wrestler.

In Florida and Michigan he was the Business Development Coordinator for the Swain Meter Co., an electronics manufacturing corporation, responsible for selling products worldwide.

He was a Mercedes-Benz qualified Auto Salesman, a former hotel owner in Siem Reap, where he has resided for 3 years, and is now Director for SiemReapRental.ASIA, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Cambodia Insight Magazine.

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